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    Arikara/Hidatsa & White Earth Chippewa – LLoree Dickens (LL)

    Three Affiliated Tribes – North Dakota. Plains-style.

    LLoree (LL) is Arikara, Hidatsa & White Earth Chippewa. She is a proud member of the Three Affiliated Tribes and is originally from Ft.Berthold  in New Town, North Dakota.  www.MHANation.com . LL currently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico.





    Isleta Pueblo – David Lente

    Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Pueblo-style.






    First Nations Kwakkwaka’wakw  – Jamie Gentry

    She is a member of the Kwakkwaka’wakw Nation in British Columbia, Canada.  Her style of moccasin-making is Apache-style.

    Jamie is from the Kwakwaka’ wakw nation.  She was born and raised in Victoria, BC.  She comes from a family of talented artists, who over time helped her discover her passion for fabrics and sewing.

    Eight years ago she created a shop called “Love In Everything”, mostly out of a desire to find a way to express her creativity. At the time her main focus was to create fun, fashionable, yet comfortable items for children, with a huge emphasis on Upcycling/Recycling.  She feels there is an abundance of discarded items just waiting to be transformed into something amazing, and she for one loved the challenge, as well as the feeling of knowing that she was saving one less item from the dump.

    Recently she has fulfilled a long time dream of making moccasins.  Footwear has always been her passion (some may say an obsession) of hers.  She  loves that she can now create her own footwear.  It has turned into a very therapeutic practice for her as well.  She finds it very meditative to be in her sewing studio, all by herself.

    The intentions she has behind everything she makes, is to make it with soul, and meaning. While she works,  she thinks of the person who she is making it for, or the person who will one day discover her work.  She believes it creates a connection that has been lost over the years.




    Northern & Southern Cheyenne – Linn Birdchief

    Linn is Northern and Southern Cheyenne from Pablo, Montana.  She is a self-taught beader.





    Navajo & Cochiti Pueblo – Mike “Pablo” Jones

    Native American artist Michael Jones who is also affectionately know as “Pablo” by his peers was born March 31, 1971 in Lawrence Kansas. His Native heritage comes from his parents Albert Jones (Navajo), and Juanita Jones (Cochiti pueblo). Michael is a self taught artist who’s career in the Automotive industry ended due to a medical condition and has alllowed him to explore and expand his artistic talents.
    Michael comes from a long line of artists on his Mother’s side of the family. Her Mother, sisters, nieces and nephew were and are talented potters of the Cochiti pueblo. Micheal’s cousin Virgil Ortiz has recently taken his many talents to the highest levels and has been a big influence in Michael exploring his own talents and new ventures.
    At this time Michael’s choice of medium are acrylics after first experimenting with oils. He enjoys differnt styles such as abstracts, realistics, and incorperates these into many different subjects of paintings. Michael would like to someday master realistic portraits which he is still practicing on. Michael does take commissions and asks at least 3-4 weeks to complete and to ship, prices on these willl include domestic shipping.
    If there are any pieces marked sold, these can be recreated or modified to meet a customers needs on colors or sizes.





    Cherokee  – Pamm Martin

    Phoenix, Arizona. Woodland style.







    Jessica Voschell

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.






    Parasiah has such a huge crazy personality and will do anything to make us laugh! She loves being outside, she’s happiest at the beach, parks, farms and zoos and has a great love for animals. She has just discovered that coloring pens show up best on white surfaces..including her pure white American bulldog Anarchy haha.
    Perth, Australia.




    MacKenzie is 8yrs old and a proud member of the Three Affiliated Tribes (MHA Nation) from the Ft.Berthold Indian Reservation located in North Dakota.  She currently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  She’s a very precocious and energetic little girl with a playful, dynamic spirit! She loves to read, learn, act, cheerlead, gymnastics and spend time with her family and dog “Oscar”.  She is one of our newest Brand Reps to join our “Lil Toes” team.
    Albuquerque, New Mexico.




    Caden Denim Alexander is 20 months old and has conquered walking in our mocs! Caden joined our team when he was 11months old! He is always happy, smiling, full of energy and very curious. He loves to follow his older brother John Alexander around. – New York



    Easton: He’s 1.5 yrs old and he loves to be outdoors.  He loves water and animals.  Nothing scares him. He loves baseball, basketball and golf.  He loves his big brother and tries to keep up with everything he does. – Tremonton, Utah –



    Henley: Henley Kamille Rose is 3 years old. She is Hidatsa, German, and Norwegian. Despite her adoration for all things pink and glittery, this strong willed little girl is quite the tomboy. Playing in dirt and rocks brings her pure joy. She loves nothing more than to challenge someone in a Nerf sword battle. Her love of music has been apparent since the day she was born. She has been singing since before she could even speak. She also taught herself “Twinkle Little Star” by ear on her keyboard. Quite the entertainer, – Denver, Colorado –



    John: John Alexander or “John John” is 7 years old. John plays soccer and is passionate about his sport. John loves to run, play, listen to music and dance, he also collects Transformers and especially loves his younger brother Caden. John is energetic likes conversation and loves to snuggle up and read when it’s time to wind down – Queens, New York –



    Alxeandria: Alexandria is 26 years old and lives in Perth, Australia.
    She enjoys painting, cooking (if someone else is on dishwashing duties), drawing, photography and sewing and hopes to start a small clothing line for children in the near future.
    Alexandria is a stay at home mum to a very adventurous 2 year old daughter. They spend most of their days exploring the great outdoors and try to end everyday watching a nice relaxing beach sunset!  – Perth, Australia –



    Juliette is a 17 yr old lover of nature. Always ready to get involved either at her college or in events, she is a very dynamic teen full of ambitions. Born and raised in Quebec, she considers herself a citizen of the world.  Juliette is a vegetarian and an ecologist, but mostly an art fan. Through poem writing, modelling, or simply art appreciation; she is fufilled with creativity. – Quebec, Canada



     Lilia is a movement artist and stylist originally hailing from Portland, Maine. She is passionate about funky fashion and living artistry. No matter where she is, whether on the street or on a stage, her personal style is bright, original and unusual from head to toe. Her favorite creative outlets are costume making, performing, styling hair and doing eccentric makeup looks.
    Lilia is currently living in San Miguel de Allende, where she is endlessly inspired by the colors, plant life, and expressive spirit of the city. Her goals are to collaborate with local artists to create fresh & bold imagery, as well as entertain with her unique style of dance and performance art – San Miguel de Allende, Mexico –