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About us

LL Designs is a Native American owned company/brand that specializes in authentic, native-made moccasins and footwear.  In a world where “Native inspired” fashion and art are rarely “Native-made” & hand-made;  our goal and vision is to carve out a space in the moccasin industry that truly represents authenticity and creativity of Native America.  We are inspiring natives creating authentic products.  We do not offer mass-produced moccasins, apparel, and accessories…each item is individually hand-crafted by artisans.   LL Designs serves as a platform in featuring fellow Native Artisan products. For inquiries and to apply to be promoted and collaborate, please email:  info@LLDesignsStore.com.

Owner & Artist, LLoree Dickens (LL),  also known as “stanNaaaNAKata” which means “Yellow Buffalo Woman” in Arikara; is Arikara, Hidatsa & White Earth Chippewa.  She combines traditional techniques with contemporary color & designs when creating  her moccasins.   She is a proud member of the Three Affiliated Tribes (Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara Nation) located on the Ft. Berthold Indian Reservation in North Dakota.  Read about her tribe at www.mhanation.com. “Arikara” is pronounced “uh-RIH-Kuh-rah”. In their own language, the Arikaras also call themselves “Sahnish”, which means “the people”, often referred to as the Arikaree or Ree.  While most of her family & relatives resides in North Dakota, LLoree currently lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  She is a North American Artist  & Entrepreneur;  she has been designing hand-crafted, moccasins  for  over 20 yrs.  Through her love of culture, comfort, and art; she is committed to promoting authenticity with the world.  Your feet are precious, they should be pampered and in comfortable mocs.  She continues to sell her art and moccasins to her loyal customers and retailers nation-wide and is an advocate for all fellow Native American artists.

LL Designs products are individually customized, intricately hand-beaded and hand-crafted by using only the highest grade premium deerskin & elk leather. Everything is 100% handmade, we do not use machinery nor sewing machines, nor do we outsource and support mass-manufacturered products. Our moccasin shoes  are made for daily wear,  casual wear, formal occasions, powwows  and regalia.  Our moccasins are a fusion of Native American and Bohemian with a modern yet tradition style and functionality.  The result brings you an authentic, enduring, distinctive, vibrant and fun style.  Best worn barefoot.

What makes LL Designs moccasins unique from our competitors?


1. a soft leather slipper or flat shoe made of soft leather (deerskin, buffalo, elk hide) and is similar to a style originating among North American Indians.

We are Native-Owned. Our moccasins are Native-inspired, and Native-made.  We are not a mass-manufacturer and we promote Native Artisan products.  

Our moccasins are light-weight, extremely flexible, pliable and durable for outdoor use. They adapt to the shape of your foot to allow maximum freedom of movement when you flex and bend your feet. Perfect for barefoot enthusiasts who want maximum groundfeel in a shoe that offers simple protection from the elements. Please feel free to contact us at:  info@LLDesignsStore.com or contact LL directly at LLoree@LLDesignsStore.com.